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I ordered a item from groupalicious and the money for the item came out of my account....after about a couple of weeks I called the number that was given and asked about my order and was told it would take 3/4 weeks..My order was placed on Nov 28,2012.....It is now January 11 and I have not seen my item yet!!!!!I found out that the order actually shipped from Tag Co USA, Inc or don't know which one!!!!

I have tried to contact all of the companies involved to no avail...I have called, written several e-mail and no one has responded to me at all! I know I am out of the money that I spent on the item I purchased.

People if you see Groupalicious, Dealknocks or TagCo USA, do not order from any of them, they are a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks God my item did not cost a whole lot, so I am just out of my money, but believe me I will never use them again!!!!!!!

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I agree never again


Why would anyone in their right mind pay cash to some company they know nothing about? Have you ever heard of using PayPal or American Express for payments? Don't be upset just call it "*** Tax"!


That's weird. I have always had a good experience with them


I was going to buy a set of nice bedsheets from Dealchicken via DealKnocks. I thought to google it before I bought, and I'm glad I did! I think I'll pass.

Los Angeles, California, United States #814424

Wow this company should be closed down and I am deffinatley filing a report to the BBB.I doubt they will respond as they do not respond to e-MAILS.

Deal knocks is a complete ripoff ordered 2 Fusion LED lights over 3 weeks ago still shows as processing on there system.wont answer e-mails and the phone is 24/7 busy signal DO NOT BUY FROM DEALKNOCKS.COM you will not receive your product

Chicago, Illinois, United States #774710

I got a voucher from eversave to get boots from deal knocks.I spent $24 at eversave and $5 for shipping at dealknocks.

I ordered the boots on January 13, 2014. My shipping details keep saying they are processing. I called Tagco on 1-(630)-317-7685. They said it takes 2 to 3 weeks to process, and after they are done processing I will get an email conformation.

They said my boots should arrive around the 27th. I'm furious because I need new boots soon and they did not provide all this information on their website. They should tell people how their shipping is so people have an idea when their stuff is coming. Also, I will file a complaint to BB if I don't get my boots around the 27th.

I will keep you guys posted if I do receive my boots.:?

to ***fused and Unsatsfied Chicago, Illinois, United States #777908

I got a shipping conformation on January 24, 2013.The boots are shipping from Elmhurst, Il which isn't to far from where I live.

They were shipped by FedEx and being sent to my local post office, and then to my house. It shouldn't take that long, maybe 3 days tops because I'm so close. However, mail might not come because the weather is so bad. I will tell you when I receive them and I will inform you on the quality of the boots.

I probably got mine earlier than most because I called them a lot, but from different numbers. When I was on hold using a previous number I would be disconnected.

But when I used a new number they would answer.:)

to ***fused and Unsatsfied #798032

i had the same problem and kept contacting eversave and they finally credited my account. don't give up. :

Detroit, Michigan, United States #764084

same thing.Purchased thru eversave, redemtion code sent me to Tag Co, Deal

Paid the shipping fee, got a receipt, even a federal express shipping notice (Fake). Won't return calls, emails, and no boots, Ordered on dec. 12 and still no update.

Started wondering so googled and found this.Never again

Chicago, Illinois, United States #744965

Call 630-317-7685, ext 101 or 102 and ask for Caileen or Vonnie.They have a new customer service staff and technology.

Tell them that Melissa sent you.We'll take care of this for you asap!

to Mel Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #762917

Mel, I just called that # and you get a message that it is not a working #?

to Bob Chicago, Illinois, United States #774711

I think every state/region has a different number because it worked for me. And me and Mel are both from Chicago. But this company is very unorganized.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #688646

I agree!!!We've been ripped off by, apparently known as TagCo, all because we accepted a Deal Chicken offer.

Our credit card was charged by Deal Chicken and then again by Deal Knocks for three times more than our original purchase. It has taken numerous phone calls to get actual merchandise, and after 7 phone calls we still can not get credit for the large erroneous charge on our credit card by the mysterious Always a story about it was a computer problem.

Now I have to cancel my credit card and file a fraud investigation.

DO NOT DEAL with any of these organizations

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